These are a collection of tips based on our own personal experiences. We may add to this list from time to time, so check it now and again if you think about it.

  1. Weigh and measure yourself before starting any new diet or exercise program – chest, waist, hips, thighs, calves, and upper arms, heck measure your head if you can. You won’t be able to tell if any of your efforts are working if you don’t know where you started from.
  2. Keep a daily food journal – write down everything – even water. This can be an eye opener and help you find the weak spots in your diet. You may be eating more calories than you think you are, and this will help you find them. You may also think you’re getting enough water daily, and discover that you’re not.
  3. Allow yourself to “cheat” once in a while but only if you’re out somewhere – say you’re having lunch with your girlfriends – have a healthy lunch but go ahead a split a dessert with them.
  4. Get rid of all temptation in your home – all of it. If you’re going to cheat, even a little, make yourself work for it by making it hard to get. If you have to actually go to the store to buy some ice cream, you may find that you don’t want it that badly.
  5. Quell the hunger pangs with a glass of water – ease the sweets craving by chewing a piece of sugar-free gum, or try the Viactiv Soft Chews – a great way to get some vitamins in a tasty chocolate morsel – just don’t go crazy and eat half the container at once! :)
  6. Understand there are no shortcuts. Any pill that claims to magically melt away pounds without diet or exercise can not be healthy for you so don’t’ risk it! In fact, if you look very closely at the fine print on most of those “diet pills”, you’ll see words like “along with diet and exercise” … an appetite-suppressant pill can help, but you still have to invest some effort. Just stay away from anything that has any form of ephedrine in it.
  7. You really do have to get moving – at least a little bit every day. Not only will it help your metabolism to burn the calories, but will improve your overall health and fitness. There is no shortcut for this either, but almost anything that gets you moving counts. You don’t need to run – walking at a good pace is fine. You don’t need a stairmaster if you have stairs in your house – just go up and down them an extra time for each trip you need to make. Or if you work in a multi-floor building, take the stairs once or twice a day instead of the elevator.
  8. If you get discouraged, especially if you’ve had a “bad” day and went off your diet, don’t give up! It’s only a bad day, not the end of the world, and not the end of your diet. Just resolve to have a better day tomorrow. Every “better” day you get through makes the next one easier.
  9. Try to cut down or eliminate the 3 biggest wastes of your stomach space (these 3 just add calories with no beneficial nutritional value):
    • Soda Pop – even diet soda – it’s nothing more than sugar or artificial sweeteners, which are bad for you, and phosphorus, which leeches calcium from your bones;
    • Alcohol – if you can’t give it up entirely, cut some of the calories by using a mixer like tonic water or club soda, or alternate every other glass of wine, beer, or cocktail with a non-alcoholic ‘spritzer’ using club soda and a splish (that’s smaller than a splash) of fruit juice;
    • Bread – unless it’s a healthy whole-grain bread it’s not doing your body much good, so either switch to a type that has lots of good grains in it, or just give it up.
  10. Enlist your family and friends to help and support you. If they’ll join you on your diet and exercise program, great! If they won’t or don’t need to, they can still support you in many small ways, like helping you avoid temptation by not suggesting lunch at a local fast-food joint, or by encouraging you and praising your efforts – who doesn’t love positive reinforcement?
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