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The last 14 years have been the healthiest years of my life. I am very grateful for this, because prior to these years, my health had taken a nose dive – I suffered daily from horrible headaches. I had allergies that affected my breathing and that brought on rashes. I couldn’t touch my skin because it would cause welts to rise. Walking up and down stairs was painful for my joints. My muscles would develop deep pains in them, such that I would fall asleep just from the exhaustion of it all. I could go on and on with all of my body failures but, I want to dwell on the positive today and tell you why I am now experiencing good health.

I woke up one day and just knew that I had to take action. I was only 56 when I left a lucrative and interesting job, so that I could focus on getting healthy again. I spent months researching and reading, trying different approaches along with many visits to as many doctors. Most doctors just want to treat symptoms with medication. In my case, most of those treatments just caused more problems. I can’t fault these doctors because that is how they had been trained, but I wanted to get to the root cause of my problems – not cover them up. I was fortunate to find a doctor who understood what was needed and was able to steer me in the right direction. He told me that even thought I believed I was eating a healthy diet, my body was severely deficient in many nutritional areas. Although I wasn’t hungry, my cells were starving.

I had read once that the ancient greek philosopher Socrates said “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”. In my case (and in most cases, which I will go into later) food alone could not do it. What was required was a concentrated form of whole food. Supplements that were natural and unaltered, that fed and improved my cellular health. The doctor suggested that I try supplements from Shaklee Corporation, a provider of natural nutritional supplements for over 50 years. I figured “what the heck have I got to lose by giving it a try?”, so as soon as I got home I pulled out the yellow pages and called the closest Shaklee Distributor.

Well to make a long story a little shorter, if anyone could testify to their effectiveness, it would be me. I sincerely believe that the Shaklee nutritional supplements saved my life. Over these past 14 years I have come to understand my body and it’s needs and I have learned to feed it accordingly. I know that life is not forever and there is no fountain of youth but, there is a quality to life and in my case, it’s called Shaklee.

Now my goal is to lose a little bit of weight. As we age, our weight slowly creeps up, and although that’s just nature’s way of trying to protect us with a little extra padding for when we fall, I’ve decided I’d rather lose a few pounds and take my chances.

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Like most people I never gave my health any thought at all while I was growing up. I ate what was served to me, my excercise came from school gym class and playing outdoors with my friends, and I’d sleep ’til noon on weekends when I could.

When my mom’s health began to deteriorate, I was already out of the house and living on my own, so I didn’t really notice until it got to the point that it was apparent from her appearance that she was very unhealthy. Her skin color was grey, not the healthy pink it should be and is today. She could barely stay focused on anything and her mobility was lousy. So I was really, really impressed after I saw how she was improving after finally figuring out what her body needed – better nutrition. I realized then that every body needs certain nutrients to stay healthy – not just the sick ones – so I decided I wasn’t going to wait until I was as sick as my mom had been before I took action too.

I started taking the Shaklee vitamins and protein about a year after she did, and over the years have added a number of their other supplements to give my body what it needs, every day. I have noticed a huge difference in how I feel, how much energy I have, and how I look (I am always being told that I look much younger than I really am). I really believe that my good health is a direct result of the benefit I get from taking the Shaklee supplements. No doubt at all in my mind.

Like my mom, my goal right now is to lose a bit of weight – not a lot, maybe just 10 pounds. I used to have a very high-stress job at which I routinely worked over 70 hours a week – often well over – and I was constantly on the move. The stress and movement kept my weight down. Now I work from home, have very little stress, and sit at my desk most of the day. Over the past 5 years I have managed to put on around 15 lbs. Now I have a closet full of cute clothes but can’t fit into them! And I’m tired of wearing sweatpants every day. SO it’s either lose the weight or buy new clothes and I’m too frugal – I just can’t see wasting all those cute things.

I wanted to do this blog with my mom for several reasons – to reach out to others who may be struggling with improving their overall health or may be trying to lose some weight, and also because we don’t live in the same city, so that we can help encourage each other in our efforts.

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