25th February 2008

New Year Resolutions

OK, how many of us are staying with our New Year Resolutions? A few of us decided to become more knowledgeable about overall health. We searched the internet and bookstores for the latest material. But, did we do anything with this information ? If so, did we get the results that we’re looking for? Did we set goals for our exercise workout, i.e., walk 1 mile 4 times a week and then, keep a journal on whether or not we did it. Did we set goals for eating healthy. It helps if we plan meals for a week at a time, shop for what we need on a weekly basis. Do we keep healthy snacks available so that you don’t reach for the potatoe chips or cookies. If we didn’t buy them, we can’t eat them. Have we given up the trip to the local fast food resturant. If we have done all that we set out to do and we were successful, then we need to reward ourselves with flowers or a movie but, not with food.

If we did not resolve in January to change any bad habits then, get started now! Everyday is a new opportunity. A word of caution, when setting out to change old habits, start slow, don’t make too many changes all at once. Listen to your body. Also, feed your system what it needs. Don’t forget your supplements. Make them the best that you can get, you’r worth it. Check out www.shaklee.net/greenhome for more information on nutrition.

posted in The Daily Diet by Joann