2nd January 2008


In September, my husband, my daughter Trisha and I set out on what became a three week vacation. This is not about what we did or where we went but more about the health benefits of vacations. You may wonder how vacations fit the picture of health news. Well, this is my health journey and to me vacations are important. Vacations are good for the body, mind and soul. They refresh, nourish and educate us. Where we go and what we do is a personal choice that usually is comprised of time of year, age, what we’ve done in the past and of course money. But vacation choices are also influenced by outside sources such as travel magazines, web sites, sporting events, other peoples stories, children, seasons, and food and drink to mention just a few.

As we age, we approach travel with perhaps more trepidation than when we were younger. Can we handle the luggage. Can we handle the traffic. Can we walk the distances that are required. What if I need a doctor. These are some of the challenges that older people have to deal with when they travel. So many of my friends have waited too long to do the traveling that they would like to and now no longer want to risk being away from home and their doctors. Other friends are opting for cruises because they like being taken care of and not having to unpack but once or worry about where to eat or what on shore sites to see and how to get to them. For me, there is still the adventure of planning my own trip. The adventure of trying new foods. I don’t want to be herded, I want to take whatever time I need to see or go where I want to go. To do this, I must remain healthy. This is why my Shaklee supplementation is so important to me.

Now that I’m back home, a side benefit is having something new to talk about with friends. Not to boar them but, to perhaps plant a seed about a site or place that they might like to see. As for me, I am ready now to step back into my ordinary day with memories to sustain me until the need arises again. So to all of you I say, Bon Voyage!

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