25th August 2007

Sports Nutrition

World class athletes and extreme explorers need to replace nutrients that have been depleted from working or playing hard. They also need that extra fuel that helps them achieve their ultimate potential. Shaklee and their sports nutrition products come to their aid. To read what some of the athletes who use Shaklee have to say, just log on to http://www.shaklee.net/greenhome/productsports In this day of steroid use among our athletes, it’s great to know that there is an alternative. A way to stay healthy and meet your full potential without the use of steroids.

As the mother of a long distance backpacker, who has hiked the length of the Pacific Crest Trail twice and the Appalachian trail as well as trails in Scotland, England, Chile, Argentina, and probably many more that I’m not aware of, I am familiar with the needs of an athlete of this caliber. Their is a need on a daily basis to repair and build muscle. Their is a need the body has to be hydrated and to maintain good energy levels. If these needs are not met, they can not perform. From his first attempt to commit to 6 months and 2600 miles, my son knew that diet was important. To maintain and retain his health on the trail he turned to Shaklee. He relied on their vitamins and their sports nutrition to supplement his daily diet.

You don’t have to be a world class athlete to appreciate the value of Shaklee’s sports nutrition. I keep some of their bars in my pantry and I always carry a bar in my purse. I have days when I require more food to keep my energy level on par with my activities. I also have days here in sunny Arizona when water just isn’t enough and I know better than to drink sodas. Thats when I mix up some of their sports drink that hydrates faster than water and provides energy to help me keep doing what I want to do.
If you workout daily,or you have a demanding job you should consider Shaklee’s nutrition products.

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21st August 2007

A commitment to wellness

When my daughter and I started Our Health Journey, we had already made a commitment to wellness. That commitment started for me when I was first introduced to Shaklee nutrition. My daughter followed soon after. At the time, we both had different missions. Mine was to regain my health and vitality and hers was to stay healthy while doing a job that demanded she be at peak performance on a daily basis for more than three years. I would compare her work schedule; the stress and the depletion of nutrients she experienced on daily basis to that of a first class athlete. She came to depend on Shaklee to repair, replace, rebuild and to help her maintain. To this day, we continue our journey and our commitment to wellness by supplementing with Shaklee, eating healthy, staying active and managing our daily activities in the least stressful way as possible.

Shaklee has also made a commitment to our wellness by staying true to their founding principles. By continuing to produce products in Harmony with Nature; Natural products, not synthetic products. They have invested over 250 million in research and development and continue to be the number one natural nutrition company in the United States.

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20th August 2007

Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea Review

Shaklee Cinch Tea MixThe last few days I’ve been enjoying an afternoon glass of iced tea, made with the Shaklee Cinch Energy Tea mix – the Pomegranate flavor.

It has a nice, light, refreshing taste, but what I like best is that it doesn’t have that “artificial sweetener” taste that so many other tea mixes have. Pomegranate by itself can have a slightly sour taste, so the Pomegranate flavor Cinch Energy Tea mix is sweetened with fructose instead – a natural easy to digest sweetener that doesn’t leave any aftertaste, as does Aspartame, Saccharin, and other artificial sweeteners.

I love that it really does mix easily with cold water. I just open a stick, dump it in my bottled water from the fridge, give it a good shake, and go. Other mixes I’ve tried keep settling to the bottom, so I have to keep shaking, or I have to mix them first with hot water and then ice them down – who has time for that? Not me.

I really do like the regular unsweetened flavor of the Cinch Energy Tea mix as well – which has more of a traditional “tea” taste – but the Pomegranate flavor makes for a nice change-up now and then – keep the taste buds from getting complacent!

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18th August 2007

Healthy New Pasta Rates Highly

Soybean PastaRecently a new friend introduced me to a type of pasta I’d never tried before – Organic 100% Whole Soybean Pasta (from Nutrition Kitchen). I’ve only been a Vegetarian for about a year now, so I’m still learning about new foods and healthy protein alternatives. I’ll be making sure my pantry is stocked with this one from now on!

It’s wheat-free and gluten-free pasta that is not only substantially higher in protein and fiber than both traditional and whole-wheat pasta, it’s also a great source of iron, something that many women are lacking in their diet. I’m always willing to try new things, so even though I don’t like Tofu or some other soy-based products, I decided to replace my usual pasta and give the soybean pasta a try last night for dinner.

After cooking it according to the instructions on the box, I tasted some plain – both as a test to see if it was cooked to my liking, and also to see what it tasted like sans sauce or seasoning. To be honest it was rather bland at first bite. But it has a slightly sweet, nutty flavor that grows on you, although it’s very subtle, which is of course what you’d want, especially if you’ve put time into making your own special pasta sauce. You don’t want a pasta that will overwhelm the flavor of what you’re serving on top.

But what I liked best about this Soybean Pasta is the texture. Even though I was using an Angel Hair variety, it held up very well to my very chunky Vegetarian Pasta Sauce, with a grooved surface that helps a sauce to cling without sticking to itself. In case you’re wondering, no I couldn’t actually see the grooves – it was angel hair pasta after all – but the box says that it has a grooved surface. It certainly worked. And it definitely has a much better “chewing feel” than most other gluten-free pasta that uses a combination of grains (including soybeans) – the 100% whole soybean pasta has a texture much more like traditional pasta.

Here’s a quick comparison for you:

Serving Size: 2 oz. Calories Fat (g) Protein Fiber Iron
(% RDA)
Traditional Pasta 210 2g 7g 2g 10%
Whole Wheat Pasta 180 1g 6g 6g 10%
Soybean Pasta 210 2.5g 23g 11g 70%


I’m off now to go polish off my leftovers!

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16th August 2007

Success with my Shaklee Cinch Diet – Part 2

ScaleIt only just occurred to me that I’ve been remiss in giving everyone an update on how I’ve been doing on my Shaklee Cinch Diet………YES!! I lost the original 10 pounds that was my goal, plus 2 more.

It has been a long summer, and with all the travel we’ve been doing, and hosting company, it has been tough to stick to the diet – I’m sure if I could have stayed on it with no interruptions I’d have lost my goal weight sooner instead of taking nearly 3 months, but I’m very happy that the last of the weight I wanted to lose dropped off once I got serious again and stuck with it for the last few weeks.

So now I’m just keeping up with it in “maintenance mode” – where I just have the Cinch Meal Shake to replace one meal a day, instead of two. And I am eating healthier overall, by trying to avoid the “bad” snacks, and just stick to my Cinch Bars and occasionally some fruit and cottage cheese, or just fruit.

Lately I’ve been blending in some mandarin oranges with my vanilla Cinch Shake mix (drained of course) – yum! Tastes just like those orange dreamsicles I remember getting from the ice cream man that came through the neighborhood in his musical truck – brings back fond memories!

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6th August 2007

My Secret Fountain Of Youth

I know this post is slightly “off topic”, but I thought it might be beneficial to others so I decided to write it anyway. I am often asked, sometimes by women I barely know, what I use on my skin to keep it looking so great and so youthful. So here I am, divulging all of my secrets in the name of sisterhood.

When I am asked, it’s usually during a discussion about age – mine – and after a few jokes about my being “perpetually 29″ – nearly all of the time people are very surprised to find out my real age (let’s just say quite a bit older than 29!). I almost always get asked for my ID when buying alcohol at the store, sometimes when ordering a drink in a bar or restaurant. The first time this happened after I moved to Arizona I was delighted…..I imagined that I actually looked younger than 21! The clerk explained that state law requires sellers to ask for ID if the buyer appears to be under 30. My delight diminished only slightly, and as she looked at my driver’s license I was pleased at her obvious shock at seeing my real age. I get this reaction often, followed by “what’s your secret?”

First, I want to emphasize two very important points: 1) You’re never too old to improve the look and feel of your skin without resorting to medical intervention, and 2) Any effort you make has to build on a solid foundation of good nutrition and hydration – the inside-to-outside approach, otherwise it’s like trying to build a house on sand – you’ll only get temporary results, nothing lasting. So it’s vital to be sure you’re getting the right foods and supplements that your skin needs, as well as those your muscles need, since your skin sits on top of the muscle layer. At the end of this post is a list of those foods and supplements that I use that have helped to create a noticeable improvement in my skin.

Following that, what you use on the outside is also important. Our skin cells have a life cycle of their own – it’s just a very short one. Our bodies are constantly creating new skin cells (which they can do best and fastest when they are getting the nutrition and water they need for the creation), and pushing them up to the top layer. The outermost ones are already nearing the end of their life, and once dead they must be whisked away to make room for the newer ones coming up from behind. To keep your skin looking its best it is important to stimulate and help this process, but *gently*, since anything too harsh on your skin (physically or chemically) has the potential to do more damage than good. I absolutely cringe when I see what some products have in them. Two of the biggest problems that women have is A) choosing the right products for their skin type – which they often misdiagnose, and B) Buying the least expensive options in the mistaken belief that all products are alike.

There’s a good reason clichés get to be clichés, because they ring true. You get what you pay for. Cheap products are cheap because they contain cheap ingredients, often petrochemicals that may “feel” good on your skin, but don’t do you any good at all. And while I admit that there are a few really expensive products that are nothing more than cheap ingredients packaged with an expensive sounding brand, in the long run you’re going to be far better off if you assess the quality of the product before you look at its price.

SO after all that, here is what I use on my skin: Shaklee’s Enfuselle products (not surprised, are you?). After seeing first-hand how Shaklee’s nutritional supplements had improved my mom’s health, as well as the great improvements I was feeling, mom talked me into trying their skin care products. Boy am I ever grateful that she did. My mom has beautiful skin as well, so people often assume that I come by it genetically, but the truth is that Enfuselle and Shaklee have really made the difference in looking much younger than our actual years. Several of the Enfuselle products I simply can’t live without (like the Calming Complex – I use it every morning). When Shaklee created their Enfuselle skin care line, they put the same philosophy into its development that they did into all their products – which it to keep it pure and natural, only offer what truly works, and keep it affordable. We all know what we’re supposed to do – cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize, and do it daily. If you can get into the habit of a good daily skin care routine, and use good quality, all natural products, you absolutely will see improvement.

Now here is what I take to feed my skin from the inside. Often you can get what your skin needs from fresh, organic foods, but if they are not organic, or you have trouble with certain foods, then Shaklee’s supplements are an excellent, and often better, alternative. For example, I don’t eat fish, yet the Omega-3 oils from fish are vital nutrients, so I take Shaklee’s OmegaGuard every day.

  • For the muscles, I take Protein (generally just my Cinch Shake, but sometimes I use the Shaklee Energizing Soy Protein Mix) and OsteoMatrix (a good calcium/mineral supplement, and yes, calcium is used by your muscles too, not just your bones);
  • I take OmegaGuard (Omega-3 oils – healthy fats and oils keep your skin and hair soft and lubricated)
  • I take the Anti-Oxidant Trio, also known as CarotoMax (beta-carotene – the safe form of Vitamin-A) , Vitamin-E, and Vitamin-C;
  • I drink plenty of water — I make sure I’m getting the minimum requirement every day of 8 to 10 8-ounce glasses of water;

These supplements are just a part of my daily nutritional intake, but are the most important for my skin. I keep the underlying muscle toned and strong to support my skin, then I take the antioxidants (CarotoMax, Vitamin-E, and Vitamin-C) to speed the removal of toxins and support the underlying collagen structure of my skin, and the water keeps it plump and hydrated.

None of this is really much of a “secret”, it’s just common sense, but if you can develop a good daily habit it won’t be long before you’re hearing compliments on how lovely your skin looks!

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