27th May 2007

Green Food Supplement Recommendation

Here’s a recommendation I thought I’d share with you – my favorite green food supplement, which happens to be Greens First by Doctors For Nutrition.

Many people – especially busy folks like me – realize that it can be difficult to get in the recommended five servings (each) of fruits and vegetables that we’re supposed to eat every day. What a lot of people don’t realize is that even if they are making the effort, we’re not getting the level of nutrition out of today’s varieties that our parents and grandparents did years ago. Numerous studies have shown a slow but steady depletion of soil nutrients in our farm lands over the last half-century. Which is why it’s so important to make up what we’re missing in the form of good high-quality supplements.

For the most part I take only the Shaklee brand of vitamins and mineral supplements, but I do like the easy and tasty way I can get in my extra fruits and veggies in the Greens First green food supplement too. Some time ago I did a comparison chart of Greens First versus two greens food supplements sold at GNC under their own brand. If you take a look at it you’ll see that they are all pretty similar, but the reason I like the Greens First the best is taste – it has a light, refreshing, thirst-quenching taste, and the others just taste a little “grassy”. In the near future I plan to update my comparison to include the Greens Plus brand, which I haven’t yet tried. I’ll keep you posted!

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25th May 2007

Quality of Life

What is it that we all want in our daily life? QUALITY! We want to get up every morning feeling great. We don’t want to deal with aches and pains, but what are we willing to do to attain this? Are we willing to trade that 2nd cup of coffee for a healthy cup of tea or that donut for a bowl of high fiber cereal? Are we willing to lay aside our work for 1/2 hour to get in a small workout? What we eat or drink, how we care for our bodies, all play a part in our everyday health. Of course, there are other factors at work too; heredity and our environment are two that play into our daily well being. Heredity is what it is, good and bad. Our environment we can alter some and our eating habits we can control. We are the ones who can make daily choices. Even though we may be making the right choices, there still may be something missing. Are we managing our stress and are we supplementing wisely? Why supplement your diet? Because our diets are inadequate in providing nutrition for optimal health. Then the question remains, which and why. I have chosen Shaklee supplements for these reasons: They have been in business for over 50 years, they have invested over $250 million in research and development , they are the number one natural nutrition company in the United States, their products are clinically tested for bio-availability proving that the supplements break down and get into the bloodstream. They have available over 100 published research and clinical studies that have been sponsored by or involve Shaklee. And, the clincher, I know first hand that they work! Interested? Take a test drive at www.shaklee.net/greenhome

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23rd May 2007

The Daily Plate

I came across a really great website today……..The Daily Plate….where you can search their database of over 140,000 common foods (including most fast food restaurant offerings) and find out the complete nutritional breakdown – calories, fat grams, protein, sugar, etc. You can also set up a free account to keep track of what you eat in an online Food Journal, and use the site to calculate your daily nutritional and caloric needs. Fabulous!

I used it to look up my one “secret indulgence” (yes, I have a Jones that must be fed, albeit not often – I try to not give in more than once a month)……Taco Bell’s Double Decker Taco Supreme. Turns out they are not as bad as I had imagined (if they were I don’t think I would have admitted to this weakness :) ). Although they are certainly high in fat, especially the “bad” saturated fat, I make an effort to maintain an overall low-fat diet, so a once-a-month treat won’t kill me. And on the positive side, they are high in fiber and protein (primarily because of the beans) and low in sugar. Which means now I’ll feel just slightly less guilty going through that drive-thru.

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20th May 2007

Stress and weight gain – managing the connection

The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy, hectic ones – including traveling out-of-state with my parents to celebrate my niece’s college graduation, and we all know how crazy airline travel is these days – but even when the “busyness” stems from happy events, it can still be stressful on one’s mind and body, especially on our bodies.

So this morning as I was considering how my weight has seemed to yo-yo these past three weeks, it got me thinking about how I handle stress and it’s effect on my weight……..or rather how I’ve learned to manage it over the years. When it comes to stress and weight gain everyone falls into two categories – stress either makes them lose weight or gain weight. This article is not about managing stress, but about how to manage the resulting weight gain (or loss) from stress. Read the rest of this entry »

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6th May 2007

More Bad News for Sugar

So I’m a little behind in my reading – just got around to last Sunday’s USA Weekend supplement that comes with the Sunday paper……and I found an interesting tidbit on the ThinkSmart page (under the tagline EatSmart by Jean Cooper)……..turns out that eating too much sugar can increase your risk for pancreatic cancer – one of the deadliest cancers! That little paragraph was enough for me to do some research on my own, and it took only moments to uncover more about this deadly risk that obviously the food & beverage industry would rather we not know about…. Read the rest of this entry »

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4th May 2007

The Battle: Sugar vs Fat

I was reading one of my other favorite blogs yesterday – written by a friend of mine, Donna Adinolfi, who writes mostly about spa vacations and also about health & nutrition, and on her blog she referenced a recently posted article at another site about “Sugar vs Fat: Which is Worse?”…….it is a very lengthy article and although it’s an interesting read, it boils down to the same message I’ve been shouting about for years, which is that sugar is one of the only [food] substances found in nature which our bodies do not need – you won’t find it on the FDA Food Pyramid – and although we like the taste of sugar, it really has only detrimental effects on us.

To really understand this sugar vs fat debate, it’s important to understand how we got here – to the debate to begin with. Read the rest of this entry »

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1st May 2007

Staying Healthy – Part 1

Most people take better care of their cars than they do of their own bodies. They will pay for high octane fuel for their car but won’t pay for quality supplements to fuel their body. They expect quality of life but don’t realize that they need to take action to insure that. Good health starts at the cellular level so why not feed it the best you can to have the energy to live the best you can.

For me losing the 10lbs is all about staying healthy. That’s why I chose the Cinch Plan. I trust Shaklee as a Corporation. For over 50 years, they have adhered to their principles; Living in Harmony With Nature. They provide products sourced from the finest natural ingredients, free of preservatives or artificial sweeteners or flavors. They conduct over 83,000 quality control tests annually to verify the purity and potency of their formulations. They have more than 100 scientific papers, including 70 published clinical studies in peer-review journals. Their products have been proven by science and by millions of satisfied customers. For more about this company and their products, log on to www.shaklee.net/greenhome What have you got to loose? Their products carry a 100% guarantee. If for any reason, you are not fully satisfied a full refund will be provided.

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1st May 2007

Ground Zero – Not Quite

So after two weeks of family and friends visiting, with meals out and more elaborate meals in, am I back to ground zero on my diet? No, I am starting off 4lbs lighter. The result of my earlier efforts and the Cinch Plan. Somehow through all of the company, the weight that I lost stayed off. Yea! only 6 more lbs to go. As you know, I’m not in a hurry. I just want to do it right. I want to feel good and stay in good health while losing the weight. I also do not want to see saw, losing this month and gaining it back next month. It’s nice to know that, by eating reasonably I was able to maintain.

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