15th April 2007

Taking Shaklee Cinch On Vacation

I really had thought that my diet would get completely blown to heck as we’ve been on vacation this past week, but all in all I’d say it’s been remarkably easy to stick to it.

What’s made it so easy is that the Shaklee Cinch Shake mixes come in convenient single-serving packets (in addition to the canisters), so they pack easily, and if I’m going to be out all day I just toss one in my bag with the shaker cup. Then all I need is some cold water to mix it with (I think they taste just fine mixed with water even though the directions say to mix Cinch with milk or soy milk).

I really thought it would be tough because always before when traveling it seems like my hunger gets ramped up (I guess from being much more active than when I’m at home) and I wind up eating things that are quick and easy, instead of healthy. But the great thing about Shaklee Cinch is that it’s formulated with a lot of protein and fiber, which helps me feel full and gives me more energy, so I haven’t been feeling that need to snack as I always have on past trips. In addition, Shaklee Cinch is “powered by leucine”, which is an important amino acid that helps you to burn the fat and keep the muscle.

So whereas before I’d always gain a pound or two while traveling, this time I’m down a couple of pounds! I can’t wait until my next trip!

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7th April 2007

My new sleep aid – Calcium!

In my last post I touched on my former practice of using Benadryl as a sleep aid (I actually used the Equate Sleep Aid – a generic version of Benadryl) – which I abandoned due to the bladder problems caused by the antihistamine in Benadryl, Tylenol PM, and most over-the-counter sleep aids. Now I have a new sleep aid – a more natural sleep aid – calcium! Specificially, OsteoMatrix, which is a calcium-magnesium blend.

My mom suggested it after I told her about my recent enlightenment regarding antihistamines – she said that she’s been using it for the past few years to help her sleep. I guess the old cliche is true – mom’s really do know best! Of course, if cliches weren’t true, they wouldn’t get to be cliches.

So for the past 10 days or so I’ve been taking extra calcium at night before going to bed – for years I’ve been taking Shaklee’s OsteoMatrix Complex every morning since I don’t drink milk – but now I take two more at night. I can honestly say I’ve been sleeping better – not up to a full 8 hours yet, but definitely better. Previously, without the Equate Sleep Aid it would take me anywhere from 90 minutes to two hours to fall asleep. Now, by using the Shaklee OsteoMatrix as my sleep aid, it only takes me just under an hour to fall asleep, and I don’t wake up as often as before. Maybe once during the night instead of the two or three times I was used to waking up. I can tell that I’m definitely getting better sleep.

And of course another great benefit is that I’m keeping my bones strong in the process! If you have trouble sleeping, and want to give this a try, check out my mom’s Shaklee site to pick up some OsteoMatrix Complex.

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4th April 2007

When the cure is worse than the symptom

I learned something new a couple of weeks ago – something that totally shocked me and taught me a valuable lesson. The lesson is this: when you have a problem, by all means talk to your doctor about it, but if your doctor can’t offer a solution (and I mean a real solution to the cause of your problem, not just a prescription cover up to your symptoms), you can’t give up! It may be tempting to take the easy answer and not pursue the matter further, but that’s not always in your best interest.

Here’s what happened to me…….for many years (in fact as long as I can remember) I’ve had trouble sleeping at night. A lot of trouble. I toss and turn for hours before falling asleep and often wake up several times throughout the night. Although I may be in bed for 8 to 10 hours, I’m lucky if I get four hours of sleep. And a REALLY good night is four consecutive hours. I manage to get through the day with a caffeine boost in the morning, eating healthy (and drinking a good amount of water) throughout the day, and it helps that I have a job that I love and find very interesting so boredom (and daytime sleepiness) rarely sets in. But nights are miserable. Read the rest of this entry »

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2nd April 2007

The “Secret” Power of Positive Thinking

Everyone’s buzzing about the bestselling book The Secret these days. Although I haven’t read it (yet – it’s on my summer reading list for our upcoming vacation), I am well aware of it’s core message – the power of positive thinking. This concept itself is not new – far from it – it’s called Cognitive Therapy, a solid well-grounded philosophy that’s been around for many decades and with much research behind it.

So how does it apply here? Amazingly, studies show that when one maintains a healthy, positive attitude towards their weight-loss efforts, combined with positive mental reinforcement, one can achieve a greater success and lose more weight than someone who has a negative attitude and gets discouraged easily. In other words, if you believe you can do something – really believe it – then you can.

So if you tell yourself “I am strong. I can resist temptation because I really want to lose weight and be healthier” you can actually will yourself to stronger willpower (this concept is much better explained in The Beck Diet Solution).

The point is this – if you think thin you can get thin (and stay thin). You have the power within yourself. You possess “the secret” which is really no secret – just believe in yourself. Make up your mind today that you are going to make your own health your number one priority. Believe that you can achieve it, and you will.

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