30th March 2007

A Dining Experience

Why not make every meal a dining experience. I know, you’re thinking; who has the time. We all do. This is not a dress rehearsal, this is our life. If we keep it simple, we can enjoy the simple things, such as eating. Some of my best meals were shared with my husband when he was learning to cook. We called it ” cooking with wine”, not because he always used wine in the recipes but, before we would start the evening meal, we would pour and share a glass of wine as we discussed preparations for the meal and decided on the next days menu. This usually came late in the day because we would purchase our dinner needs daily on the way home from work. While he prepared the meal, I would set a nice table, sometimes before the fireplace with a fire and always candles to set the mood. Yes, our meals were late in the day so we tried to keep the amounts small or the food on the light side. As I recall, we never had a problem with sleeping or putting on weight. You know, Europeans, especially the French eat late in the day and, it’s hard to find a heavy Frenchman.

If you have a family, try to have at least one meal together everyday. You may have to skip the wine but, don’t skip the dining. Get everyone involved in the preparation. Encourage your children to eat slow and participate in the conversation. Pick a news topic or a subject that interests them to talk about. Slowing down not only helps us to enjoy our food but, aids in keeping us healthy. Don’t excuse them from the table until everyone has finished. In that way, they will have no need to swollow their food whole if they have to sit and wait on others. You may think that this advice smacks of a generation past and doesn’t fit into your busy life today. I claim it is todays generation that needs this experience the most!

How does all of this fit in with the daily diet that I’m on? It is very important for me to enjoy my shakes. I look for different places to sit and sip but, mostly I enjoy watching the birds or listening to music while I appreciate the healthy drink that Shaklee has provided. I take my time preparing my evening meal, making sure that it includes a lean protein, a starch or whole grain bread, ( I’m especially partial to Safeway’s Renaissance Bread ) a vegetable and a fruit, (if I haven’t added one to my shake). With the nice weather approaching, we will be eating on the patio more often, which I look forward to.

Happy eating!

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29th March 2007

Smarter Shopping At The Grocery Store

Sometimes the simple act of grocery shopping can be overwhelming to those of us trying to lose weight, or those just trying to eat healthier even if they are presently at a good weight for their body.

So many of the foods available to us on our store shelves are highly processed, high fat, high sugar products that, while they may taste good, offer us little in the way of bio-available nutrition. Those that claim to be “low fat” are high in sugar to make up for the lack of good-tasting fat, and those that are low sugar are high in fat! It’s frustrating, and this over abundance of nutritionally incomplete food is contributing to the trend in our society toward obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, and many, many other health problems that detract from our quality of life.

Below is an excerpt from an article from Shaklee’s March Health Science Bulletin with some GREAT advice on how to make smarter choices when doing your grocery shopping. Enjoy!
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27th March 2007

Only 10lbs, seems hardly worth it

I can hear it now. You only want to loose 10lbs. it hardly seems worth it. But, did you know that dropping as little as 5 to 10% of our body weight, which in my case is 10lbs, can help to reduce my risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, which runs in my family, and can help to lower both blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Yes, just as little as 10 lbs! That’s why I’m going for it. I want to remain as healthy as I can as I age.

A great deal of information is available today on many types of diets. You can loose weight on any sort of diet that restricts the amount that you eat but once you go off of the diet, you normally will regain the weight. The other problem with a number of weight lose plans, is that they can undermine your overall health, by not including the proper nutrition that your body needs to stay healthy. According to Andrew Weil, M.D. in his book Healthy Aging, “we need macronutrients in relatively large amounts as sources of energy and materials to maintain and repair tissues. These macronutrients are fats,carbohydrates and proteins.” he also says that we need micronutrients in smaller amounts for optimal functioning of the body. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytonutrients. I have read all of Dr. Weil’s books and I especially appreciated part two; How to Age Gracefully in Healthy Aging. This is good information for everyone, because the minute we are born, we start to age. I want to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit.

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26th March 2007

What is Leucine and why is it important

The Shaklee Cinch Weight Management program that my daughter and I are on is “Powered by Leucine” So, what is leucine and why is it so important? There are nine essential amino acids that cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained from our diet. Leucine is one of these. Leucine is a muscle-building amino acid found in protein rich foods. The phrase “Powered by Leucine” as used with the Cinch weight loss program is trademarked by Shaklee. Cinch is a proprietary formula that helps you “keep the muscle you have, burn the fat you don’t need and lose inches you don’t want”. When you lose muscle, which we don’t want to do, your metabolism drops. So, you see why Leucine is so important! But, please don’t think that this is magic. We still need to make our meals and snacks work with the Cinch drink. The tea, the 3-in-1-Boost, the Cinch bars are all there to help us through to our desired weight loss and work in harmony to help us retain normal blood sugar levels. Today, I have had my morning Cinch drink, a cinch bar, an apple and my lunch Cinch drink. It is almost 5pm and we are going to have dinner with neighbors. I am still satisfied, not hungry, so it will be easy for me to have a glass of wine and go easy on the meal.

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24th March 2007

Comparison of weight loss shakes followup

My friend came over this morning and brough with her a Slim Fast Optima Meal Shake. I had one of the Slim Fast Easy To Digest (lactose free) Shakes in my fridge. I picked them up some time ago when they first came out (before I discovered the Shaklee Cinch Shakes), but they were still in my fridge because, to be honest, I just don’t like the taste of them. Over the last year or so I’ve tried all the Slim Fast Shakes, and my personal opinion is that of them all the Classic tastes the best, but there’s a good reason for that – 35 grams of sugar in each can. The Optima has way less sugar, but also not enough protein and fiber to slow the digestion/absorption of the sugar so for me it causes the dreaded sugar roller-coaster I talked about in my last post.

We sat them all side by side and wrote down all the pertinent info – calories, fat, sugar, protein, etc…… Read the rest of this entry »

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24th March 2007

Comparison of weight loss shakes

I’m not a scientist or a nutritionist – nor do I play one on television – but I am capable of comparing two or three products and deciding what is best for me, given my unique physiology (and we are all unique).

I bring this up because recently a good friend asked me why I am following the Shaklee Cinch diet instead of other name-brand weight loss shakes, which are cheaper. She wanted to know what the differences are. It occurred to me that maybe other people might like to know as well. So I decided to sit them down side-by-side, and write down what I felt were the significant differences – check back soon because in the next day or so I will post a link to my written comparison that you can print if you like.

What I can tell you now is a few of the general reasons why I made my choice (actually the two most important ones). The Cinch shakes are lactose free and have less sugar. I’ve tried a lot of the other products out there, and those two factors always cause me to stop them after just a few days. They’re not bad products, so I’m not telling others not to use them. But I can’t, so my previous diets have failed. I’ll explain why. Read the rest of this entry »

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23rd March 2007

My weight loss journey

OK, so I’m a slow starter, both to the blog and to our new Cinch diet. However, like the Tortoise and the Hare, I’m in it for the long run. Because I’m older, the 10 pounds that I want to loose may take me longer, but only because, they’ve been with me for some time now. For at least the past 15 years or more, I have weighed the same. Though I may weigh the same, some of that weight has shifted so, it will be interesting to see just how and where I loose the weight and inches. I would not go on just any diet from just any company. I know and trust Shaklee. I have used Shaklee products for 14 years. I know that the best of science is behind the Cinch products. Shaklee’s Cinch products are “Powered by Leucine” which helps you to maintain lean muscle while the inches melt away. At my age, I cannot afford to lose muscle nor do I want to slow down my metabolism. My plate is too full to not have the energy to enjoy my daily life. I want to remain flexible with my plan so that I can enjoy my lunches out with my friends and that I can entertain guests.

When I started a few days ago, I thought the shakes were too much for one meal and I cut them in half. I have returned to the full portion because I realize that I should not tamper with a good thing. Tomorrow, I will have two shakes, one for breakfast, one for lunch along with a Cinch 3 in 1 boost and water. I will follow exactly the guidelines for the dinner amounts and the snacks if needed. I have taken my measurements and have decided not to measure again until a month has passed or when I have lost the 10 pounds.

Exercise is important to maintaining good health. When it comes to dieting, it is essential. When I was younger, I use to run and ride my bicycle. I stopped running in the early nineties due to health problems. As my health improved, I started walking. Exercise has always been a part of my day so not a problem but, I may increase the time that I spend walking. Speaking of exercise, this is Spring house cleaning time and I am up for it. I trust the Cinch products to protect my energy level as I work my way through the house.

I’m looking forward to the results that the weeks to come will bring. However, like a seasoned traveler, it’s not the destination but the journey. I’ve always enjoyed both!

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18th March 2007

Farewell, beloved snack stash

I must confess that I have a split personality. It’s true. By day I have the best intentions – I vow to only eat healthy foods, stick to my Cinch Plan, and get some form of exercise during the day. By night, I become a different person altogether. A real Jekyll and Hyde. Once the sun goes down my willpower leaves with the light, and I can’t seem to stop myself from snacking. I have to confess that I have (make that had) a snack stash – a cabinet in my kitchen that has always been off-limits to the rest of my family. That’s where I used to keep my chips, nuts, chocolate, etc. so that when a snack-attack occurred, I was ready. The sheer volume of snacks I kept there would make you wonder if one of my ancestors didn’t have a little tete-a-tete with a squirrel. I even tried just getting those wonderful little portion-control tools – the “100 Calorie” packs – but found that I couldn’t stop myself from having three at a time….. Read the rest of this entry »

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15th March 2007

Did I really think fast food is harmless?

Last night MSNBC broadcast the documentary “SuperSize Me”. I know it’s a few years old, but somehow I missed seeing it when it first came out, and just never got around to renting it. I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I stayed up late to watch it. Boy what an eye-opener! I highly recommend that EVERYONE see this movie – especially if you have kids. Read the rest of this entry »

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11th March 2007

How many steps in a mile?

So I’ve been walking now for four days and just this morning started wondering “how far am I walking”? My stride is pretty much in line with the average (2.5 feet per stride, according to The Walking Site) and I’ve been hitting pretty close to 3,000 steps (according to my step-o-meter that came with my Cinch Plan Starter Kit, so that calculates to 1.5 miles. This falls right in line with what I’m pretty sure my pace is (about 3mph) and the route I’ve been walking takes me just about 30 minutes. Every morning I’ve been saying to myself “I should get in my car and drive it to see what the odometer says”, but when I get back home I grab a cup of coffee and check my email, and maybe answer the phone or an IM, and before I know it I’ve completely forgotten to check in against my odometer. Did I mention I am somewhat ADD? No of course not – I forgot to. SO I guess I just have to trust the math. It sounds good to me.

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7th March 2007

Rebel without a clue

I don’t really think of myself as a rebel, but I guess I must be because I really don’t like following instructions. I’m a blender. A rebellious blender. I can’t help myself – I mix everything (“if this shampoo makes my hair shiny, and this one makes it soft, then if I mix them together it will be perfect!”). I do that with everything – food, cosmetics (I mix creams that get rid of acne with ones that reduce wrinkles so I can do both with one application!), hair color – I just can’t leave something the way it is. I honestly have no clue why I do this – I’ve done it all my life. I just have to mix until I’m happy. Read the rest of this entry »

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5th March 2007

So this time I’m serious

Today I started on my new diet. Over the past few years I’ve made some well-intentioned, but apparently half-hearted, attempts to control my weight or even to lose a couple of pounds. I’ve followed some good advice – I gave up soda pop completely. I cut back on bread (way back). I made sure my “fat calories” were under 30% of my total. I felt better, noticeably, but didn’t really lose any weight. Read the rest of this entry »

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